A poem inspired by real events

My cat Twitch passed wind.
The inside of my nose burns.
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  1. dEDear Chris,I like what I seen so far of your writings,I want to spend more time looking around and check things out,right now im ver sorry that I cant look around ok,please understand,Im in pain and want to lay down after bit,but I will let you know about you writing that book for me,because truely,I have thought this over quite a bit and maybe even thought about helping you with it also.Chris,I want you to know,your a great writer,and a great person,you have a good judgement to write what ya feel,or think,like myself,I write poems from what I feel in my heart,and anyways,I hope we can continue to keep in touch and get together sometime after I get outta the hospital.Yes Im going back into the Hospital for intenssive Physical Therapy to be able to walk again,Looking forward to talking with you when I come home again,untill then,please keep up the good work,your awesome writtings,I do enjoy reading them all.Your friend always,Dale