Ninja Racism

Everyone's a racist nowadays. There's the racism on one side that calls all ABCDEF criminals, posts pictures of monkeys, calls names and heralds its stupidity so that its proponents are easily avoided. And there's the racism on the other side, Ninja Racism.

Ninja Racism runs around disguised as liberalism. Certain people who loudly accuse others of racism are themselves ignorant of the contributions, honor and valor of Americans of all races. They know that ABCDEF have higher rates of crime, so they explain it as the result of racism and hold ABCDEF to a lower moral standard. They believe racism is wrong, but they are unable to defend their ideas, so they unthinkingly label anything that makes them uncomfortable as racist. 

These benighted people don't realize what they are doing, such is the insidious sneakiness of Ninja Racism. 

Here are some helpful hints to expunge the enemy within:

1) Accept uncertainty. We don't have to make up explanations for everything we don't know and then feel guilty about it. We don't know why ABCDEF commit more crimes than ABCDEF or why ABCDEF commit more crime than ABCDEF. It doesn't matter, we don't know and there's no reason to blame it on racism, wring your hands and forget how to think.

2) Understand that ABCDEF are fully human and responsible for their moral decisions. To excuse crime on the basis of race is to deny the humanity of ABCDEF and is truly racist. To believe that racism causes ABCDEF to commit crime is to say that ABCDEF are weak minded and immoral. We don't know what causes crime, and it's okay to not know.

3) Distinguish between racism and rudeness. Racism is hurting someone because of their race. A college admitting a less qualified ABCDEF in place of an ABCDEF is racist. Assuming that ABCDEF are incapable of achievement without extra help is racist. Rudeness is behavior that could cause discomfort. Saying "nigger" is rude, no matter what color you are. Discussing race matters is probably always rude in our society, but rudeness is not the greatest of all sins. 

4) Learn that generalizing isn't racist. It's just the way humans think. The world is too complicated to look at everything individually. If your ancient cavewoman ancestor sat around thinking, "Well, that saber toothed tiger ate Marge last week, but this one might be nice, let me go pet it," she wouldn't have survived to become your ancestor. Go ahead and generalize, but realize what you're doing and don't break the law.

5) Don't be afraid of being racist. Just use your brain, don't let others tell you what to think. Decide for yourself. You've got a right to your own thoughts, and it really doesn't matter. Just follow the law. As long as you're following the law, you're okay. 

6) Learn not to scream "that's racist!" when you hear something they don't like, but rather to say "that's wrong." And to explain why.

7) Understand that ABCDEF helped build this country. They are not separate and marginalized. This country's proud heritage belongs to them as much as to anyone else. Denying that ABCDEF Americans are fully American is...rude. And wrong.

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