Reunion part four

Written by the Anchorite

Twitch and Ting Ting saw their supervisor Anton Fitzgibbon, Chaircat of the Internet, wave goodbye to a group of partygoers after exchanging several handshakes and hearty laughs. In his human form the Chaircat was a strikingly handsome middle-aged man with lustrous silver hair and steel-gray eyes flecked with amber tones. He wore a sharply tailored three-piece worsted wool suit, looking every bit as dapper and debonair as he did in his feline form. The two cats approached their boss, who looked every bit the gracious host with a more relaxed air than his usually serious and stern demeanor at the office.

Ting Ting demurely curtsied before Anton, bowing her head when she addressed him with every motion flowing in a liquid gracefulness.

"Good evening, Mr. Fitzgibbon. Thank you for hosting this wonderful event."

"It's a pleasure to see you Ting, but please – call me Anton."

"Fizty!" Twitch shouted and enthusiastically embraced the Chaircat in a bear hug.

 "It's a pleasure to see you Twitch, but please – call me Anton." He deadpanned.

Twitch released his tight grip and Anton straightened his silk tie.

"Thank you both for coming and it's a pleasure to see you even if one of you shows me way too much respect and the other not nearly enough."
Twitch whispered into Ting Ting's ear.

"I think Fitzy's talking about you."

Ting Ting's sole response was a wordless eye roll.

At that moment a voluptuous full-figured woman in an elegant dress approached carrying a martini in one hand and a glass of brown liquor in the other. Twitch thought that she bore an uncanny resemblance to Chris Hugh, although in his humble opinion this woman was not nearly as glamorous as his human. Anton beamed and reached to take the highball glass filled halfway with brown liquor, but she held onto the glass. She spoke in a soothing tone that conveyed much kindness and concern.

"Are you sure you're recovered from your feline flu, sweetie?"

"Yes. Now give me my scotch." She released her grip as Anton swirled the glass in his hand and enjoyed the bouquet before he took a sip.

"Ting Ting, Twitch, this lovely woman you see before you is my new human. She inspired this whole event since after she adopted me after a long and grueling interview process, I thought: why not host an event where all of us cats could bring our humans and share our closest relationships with each other?"

"Oh sweetie, you're making me blush." Anton wrapped an arm around her shoulder. Twitch and Ting Ting both saw the clear affection between the two. Twitch felt relieved since Anton's new human made him much less uptight and more relaxed at work. Speaking of which…

"Fitzy … um Anton, may I speak with you in private for a moment?"

"Of course Twitch, any and every cat under my employ is always to come to me for anything. Would you two wonderful ladies excuse us?"

The two male cats stepped away, leaving Ting Ting and Anton's human to chat among themselves. Anton took a quick sip from his scotch and asked,

"So what's on your mind, Twitch?"

"There's no easy way to say this and I haven't announced it yet, but I wanted you to be the first to know."

Twitch focused his green eyes directly into Anton's golden-flecked grays.

"Boss Cat, I've been diagnosed with cancer."

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