The Reunion part 12

By the Anchorite

Warrior Cat shifted into his professional mode, with his expression only slightly betraying the dismay he felt at having to abruptly end his fun while the assembled partygoers continued their revelry. As Anton Fitzgibbon’s right-hand cat tasked with his security, the Warrior Cat had to be ready to drop whatever he was doing at a moment’s notice for the good of felinekind. He was not about to let any villains ruin the Chaircat’s party and they would serve as convenient, cathartic outlets for his frustration.

“Ladies and gentle cats,” he addressed the group “we’ve been invaded. That vile man Grease is set on sabotaging this soiree and that simply will not happen under my watch. I already foiled his initial attempt, but he’s one tough customer. He can take any punishment I can dish out and come back for more. With his powers of regeneration, he won’t stay down and it’s next to impossible to permanently defeat him. He shrugs off death like most of us do colds and while I tore him to shreds on our last encounter, he’s re-assembling himself as we speak and he will return.

“Even worse, he’s gathered a group of villains to assist him so he’ll be back with reinforcements. I may be the biggest, baddest warrior in all of catdom, but even I cannot do this alone and need your help. Normally, I would gather my tried and true crew but some cat took them out.”

The Warrior Cat glared at Twitch, who nonchalantly shrugged his shoulders in response.

“I’ve thus assembled a new team to take the battle to Grease. Ting Ting’s human Regia kindly volunteered. Where have you been keeping her, Ting? Regia’s combat skills are impressive and I had no idea that you had such an attractive human.”

“Keep your claws sheathed, Warrior Cat,” replied Ting Ting, “and don’t even think about it. I know your real name.”

“Just saying, is all. Chris Hugh and Stanley Chester Brown offered me the services of their most formidable warriors three. I present:  Blondhilda, Grimgudrun, and Hello Sailor. The four of you ladies are not the crew I usually run with, but I’ll admit you’re a lot easier on the eyes. Together, we will take down Grease’s thugs and the assembled party guests will not notice anything amiss. Why, Grimgudrun, we’ll even have time to grab some Caipirinhas afterwards. I haven’t seen you in your battle gear until now, but I have to say: those are some killer tats.”

Ting Ting rolled her eyes while Grimgudrun looked bemused by the compliment. The Warrior Cat felt a tug on his trouser leg and looked down to see his human Stacey clutching his leg. He gently scooped her up in a massive arm and lifted her to his eye level. She moved her embrace to his neck and said,

“You be careful out there, BF.”

Warrior Cat kissed her on the forehead and replied,

“Don’t worry, Stacey. I have this one. I have a party to save and I’ll be back before you know it.” 

He rubbed noses with his young human and set her back on the floor. She waved them goodbye as the Warrior Cat led his deputized squad to their mission. After they left Twitch asked out loud,

“What does BF mean?”

“It means he’s my best friend, silly cat.” Stacey replied with a prideful smile. Ting Ting covered her mouth, trying not to laugh...  
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