The Reunion Part 2

Chris Hugh approached the pair, smiling. She appeared around forty, five foot seven with pale clear skin, wavy brown hair and hazel eyes. Although overweight, she carried it well and was confidant and comfortable with herself. Twitch called to her and waited for her to come to him.

Chris had engaged the mezzanine, which lay above the main dining room, for the party, so her group was somewhat visible to the regular diners. Several sets of eyes discreetly followed Twitch. In human form, he looked exactly like a certain male supermodel who Chris felt fulfilled one ideal of physical perfection. He was six foot seven and muscular with medium toned black skin, a goatee and shaved head. He had a big, easy smile, a proud and noble nose, and a dignified but casual bearing that was unmistakably American. Wisdom, strength and humor were reflected in the masculine beauty of his face.

Chris hugged Twitch in the platonic way Silicon Valley professionals often do, but raised eyebrows when she began kissing him all over his face. Twitch smiled and stretched as Chris rubbed behind his ears and tickled his belly and stroked his back. Then he moved his head and body around to make her concentrate on caressing his forehead and throat. When her hand got in range, he flitted his tongue out and licked it. 

The two finally settled down and Chris looked around. "Ting Ting! Ting Ting! Come say hello!"

Chris didn't notice that the only diners who weren't staring at her were the ones staring at the slim, Oriental beauty placidly sitting out of Chris' reach under a table.

Chris squatted down and some to her in a baby talk voice. "Aw, don't be shy! Come on out!" Ting Ting folder her arms and looked away, so Chris gave up. She straightened and looked up at Twitch. "So how are you feeling, little man?" 

Twitch said nothing, but made a front face and held his stomach.

"Aw, poor baby. Let's give you your medicine, okay?"

Twitch stared into space and didn't reply, but he allowed Chris to lead him to a chair and wrench his mouth open. She tossed a pill toward the back of his throat, then quickly held his mouth shut until he swallowed. She repeated the process two more times and ended by using a syringe to gently place a liquid medicine between his cheek and gums, to allow the mucous membranes to absorb it.

"Ah, that's the opioid, right?" Twitch asked.

"Buprenorphine, sweetie, for the pain."

"Bupreh-good stuff, yeah." He leaned back and sighed. "Thank you."

"No problem, big boy. You have fun. I'm going to go wash my hands."
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