The reunion part ten

by the Anchorite

Ting Ting tried to contain her excitement as she concentrated on precisely following the instructions that Chris Hugh and the Anchorite provided her. She held the lodestone invested with their creative energy. Ting Ting closed her eyes and concentrated on feeling one with the warm stone that glowed in her hands and visualized the images that the two writers told her to project in her imagination. The lodestone grew warmer and disintegrated into powder in her hands. Ting Ting opened her eyes and saw the air in front of her tear open like a sheet of paper as the portal opened.

An Asian woman walked through the portal into the room. She stood taller than Ting Ting and had a curvy yet lithe figure and even if she was not as beautiful or graceful as Ting Ting in her human form, she had the regal bearing of noble breeding. Ting Ting, usually elegant and restrained, could not hold back the tears that flowed when she saw her human, Regia Sun Yin Hian. As she used to do when Regia came home, Ting Ting ran up to her human and gave her a tight embrace. She repeatedly said,

“It’s you, it’s really you. Chris and the Anchorite came through.”

Regia looked confused but remained composed.

“Do I know you?”

Ting Ting did not reply with words. As she used to do in what seemed like a lifetime ago, Ting Ting brushed the side of her head against Regia’s shoulder while being careful to not soak her human with her tears. Ting Ting whispered the words,

“I’m your little angel.”

Regia gasped loudly and choked back her own tears

“Ting Ting? My little angel? Is it really you?”

Ting Ting did not trust herself to speak, so she simply nodded as she sobbed. 

“What sorcery is this?”

Ting Ting took a deep breath before she answered.

“It’s the most powerful sorcery on this world, the power of creative writing. Two good writer friends shared their magic with me and gave me the means to pull you into this world, but it’s only temporary. It’s the same magic my friends here used to pull me away a moment before I was going to die by your father’s hand. You’ll be here for a few hours before you get sent back to the exact moment you left our home world, and unfortunately you will not have any memory of this night. It’ll be a dream to you when you wake up, nothing more.”

“I can’t believe you’re alive, Ting Ting. I miss you every day. Many days I felt like you were the only real friend I had and the one bright spot in my life, and Father brutally killed you just to send me a message and take away my greatest joy because he could. When I saw your broken, bloody body something in me snapped and it was the last straw. Seeing such cruelty to such an innocent beloved pet made me hate him and inspired me to stand up against him after a lifetime of abuse.”

“I know, Regia. That’s the role I served in your story, but it’s over now. The Anchorite would not agree to let me bring you here until he was assured that you would not remember any of this. He was concerned that seeing me alive would undo your character development, but after he separated us like that I guilt-tripped him into letting me see you for one night only – this special night when all cats and their humans come together to celebrate their special relationships and bonds of love.

“Now you’re here and we can celebrate together before the spell wears off and you return to our home world. I’m really happy here, Regia. I have a job working for the Chaircat, who is the host of this wonderful event. I made some great friends with the cats of this world, and I even found true love. I’d like you to meet Twitch, if I can find him. This is a wonderful place and I’d love to show you around. Look at this delightful treat, for example. This is champagne, a sparkling grape wine that has become my favorite drink. Try a glass, it’s much better than that harsh rice wine from back home. Now where did Twitch go?”
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