The Reunion Part 1

This is Twitch when he is in human form

Heads turned as Ting Ting walked into the restaurant. Slim and elegant, dressed all in white, graceful as she walked on her toes in very high pumps, everything about her suggested the feline.

Catlike, she approached Twitch by windings. She glanced at the posted menu, admired the modern artwork on the walls, gazed out the windows, and finally glided over to the handsome black man who had been watching her.

She touched her nose to Twitch's in greeting, and he purred.

"I read your blog from yesterday," Ting said, laying her delicate porcelain hand on his arm. "I'm sad."

Twitch put his ebony hand over hers. "I don't know what I was thinking when I wrote that." He grinned. "That's not me. That doesn't even sound like me. Really, I'm fine. That was just the gas talking."

Ting ignored the vaguely crude remark. "It is the custom of our race to hide when we are sick," she whispered. "We cats are predators and we hide weakness so as not to become prey. Tell me truly, are you well?"

Twitch gathered Ting Ting's hands in his and raised her fingers to his lips. "I'm stoked to be here at this reunion! I can't wait to meet all the rest of Chris and the Anchorite's characters. We're going to catch up with old friends and meet some new ones. I feel great, babe!"

Ting raised an eyebrow and started to pull her hands away. "Well, since you feel so well. Perhaps I should let you mingle \"

Twitch looked in her eyes and gently brushed his lips against her fingers. "I do have cancer," he said. He kissed them. "Ouch."

Ting pulled away and looked at Twitch, standing there, so tall and dashing, with an easy grin on his face, and his green eyes twinkling. It was impossible to feel pity for such a cat. She tried to be annoyed at his effrontery, but she already knew sustained annoyance would be impossible in the face of such charm. She settled on feminine amusement, and allowed him to put an arm around her waist and lead her into the party.

(To be continued.)

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