The reunion: part 21

Tinting was seated between Chapterhouse Cat and the Warrior Cat in the penthouse living room looking out the nightlights of Silicon Valley. The reunion had taken over the rodizio restaurant entirely, and had built a tall and well-fortified tower above it to provide living quarters for all good or at least neutral characters of the Chris Hugh and Anchorite universes. Regular battles were fought between those forces of good and the villains created by Chris Hugh and Anchorite.

Tinting stretched, the thin silk of her tight dress shifting intriguingly against her graceful body. She was not so much seated between the two male cats as sprawled on both of them. She nestled with her back against Warrior Vat's chest, sipping a glass of wine as he smoked a cigar. Her long legs were stretched across CC’s lap. CC had removed one of her white stiletto shoes and was languidly rubbing a delicate so with ruby red nail polish when Twitch walked into the room.

Tension immediately strummed through the penthouse; the Anchorite, Rico, Blondhilda and the other humans turned to watch, all of them poised to intervene if violence erupted.

Twitch walked straight to Ting Ting; she put out her hand.

Twitch took her hand and kissed it. "Darling," she pouted. "I haven't seen you in ages."

He smiled down at her. "I was sick for a while, but now I feel great." He fist bumped the male cats. "Hey CC, hey Warrior Cat."  

Warrior Cat leaned over and clasped Twitch's shoulder as Twitch sat down on the floor. Twitch leaned back against the sofa, stretched out his long legs and looked out at the city lights. Ting Ting shifted so that she was lying on her side, and began softly stroking his head and neck head with her long nails. "I'm so glad you're feeling better," she breathed. "You look wonderful," 

CC passed Twitch a joint. Twitch took a long pull, leaned his head back onto Ting Ting’s waist and exhaled smoke toward the ceiling.

The Anchorite and Rico looked from the cats to each other. Although his face was hidden in the dark folds of his cowl, something of his posture revealed the Anchorite's puzzlement. Rico's mouth was hanging open. 

"Ah," Blondhilda said. "The way of the cat has much to teach us."

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