The reunion: part 23

"Yeah," Twitch said, his jaw hard, looking from the interloping cat to Ting Ting and back again. He slapped his fist into his palm and sneered at the back of Astrocat's head. "We're gonna have a party and you're gonna be the piƱata."

Ting Ting gave  him a dark look and turned back to Astrocat. "I've never met an astronaut before. It's so exciting! What's it like in outer space?"

Astrocat put his arm around her waist and squeezed her. "Well, doll face, I'm more interested in inner space right now."

Kitten frowned. "What? What does that mean? Is that you flirting with her?" Kitten rolled his eyes and Astrocat shrugged.

"Dude, are you that French cat Felix, that went up in outer space, way back in the day?" CC asked. Derision colored his mostly-stoned tone of voice. "French cats. Like, wow."

"Where's that box of circuitry on your head, then?" Twitch asked. "I love those postage stamps thee did with that box on your forehead. That didn't look stupid at all." Twitch made as if to shove Felix from behind, but Ting Ting smoothly blocked him.

"You look very handsome," Ting Ting said. "And I don't see anything strange about your anatomy," she added in a silky tone of voice, looking him up and down while the other male cats growled. "You're an astronaut..." She paused and looked up at him with wide eyes. "Astro...naut. Does that mean you're naughty?"

Twitch, Kitten and CC's growls intensified, while the Anchorite, who was watching with Chris, groaned at the pun.

"Are you Felix Baumgartner?" Ting Ting continued. "The Austrian who parachuted from outer space?"

A couple knuckles in Twitch's fist cracked. "You better hope you're an astronaut, cause you're gonna be seeing stars in a minute," he muttered.

The three toms closed in on Astrocat. He ignored them and answered Ting Ting casually. "No, sweetie. I'm AstroCat, from the cover of the Klaxon album."

Twitch stopped in his tracks, as did the others. "The Klaxons?"

Two hours later, Ting Ting was painting her nails and sulking in the corner. The Anchorite and Chris Hugh were on their laptops, trying to catch up on answering at least a portion of their mountains of fan mail. And the male cats were over by the sound system, listening to punk rock and hanging on every word as the AstroCat told them stories about his days with the band. Pin It Now!

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